Powertronic's (Shenzhen) Factory is an inferiority unit of Powertronic International Ltd., established in Dec 1995 in Shenzhen, China. It has about 16,000 sq. ft factory house which is another production base of Powertronic.

The factory set up was in high level with advancing equipment and all so having the sustained development capability to ensure the factory growing well. The factory was certified by TUV Rheinland which is complying with ISO 9001 in its operation

1) IQC Department  
IQC (Incoming Quality Control) Department is to count and check the incoming stuff and reject any bad quality or damaged stuff. All of our incoming products are not used or processed until it has been verified as conforming to specified requirements.
2) Production Department  
Production Department is a large department in our factory .It has 2 floors, containing more than 150 workers employed in manufacturing, and many modernized automatic machine in helping the manufacturing process such as Computerized Winding Machine, Automatic Insertion Line, Double Wave Soldering Machine, etc.
3) Design Department  
Design Department is to design products in accordance with clients' specification. It also searches for new stuff and develops new products.
4) Engineering Department  
Engineering Department is to deal with any quality problems of products, and to improve and revise our products.
5) QC Department  
QC Department is to conduct testing with the samples from design and engineering department and controls the quality of products.
6) QA Department  
QA (Quality Assurance) Department is to conduct final product test before shipment. It ensures output of our factory with the best quality.